Some fun commands for Google Home and Assistant – Some Easter eggs too

In today’s time, Android users are shifting from typing on their phones to giving commands for Google assistant. Voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa and others have changed the way we perform our day to day tasks. From setting alarms and reminders to having fun conversations with our virtual friends.

Many voice assistants have been introduced day by day on mobile as apps and some voice assistants powered speakers. Google also has its own voice-powered speaker named Google Nest earlier known as Google Home. With its large power to use the internet data and process it to provide information as search results, Google has made its own space in the Smart voice assistants industry competing with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri among others.

Let’s check out some basic commands for Google Assistant and Google Nest products. To speak to google the initial calling has to be “OK Google” or “Hey Google

Commands for Google Nest

General queries and commands for Google Assistant

  • Music, Podcasts and Radio:
    • Ok Google, play some Rap.
    • Ok Google, play some music from Spotify.
    • Ok Google, skip this track.
    • Ok Google, pause the music.
    • Ok Google, stop the music.
    • Ok Google, play my Morning Soulful playlist.
    • Ok Google, stop the music in 10 minutes.
    • Ok Google, what’s this song?
    • Ok Google, help me relax.
    • Ok Google, read The monk who sold his Ferrari
    • Ok Google, how much time is left on this chapter?
    • Ok Google, skip to the next chapter.
    • Ok Google, move my music to the Drawing room
    • Ok Google, play music on all the downstairs speakers.
  • Commands for performing a task
    • Ok Google, turn on the Bedroom Light.
    • Ok Google, set the kitchen lights to 60%.
    • Ok Google, turn the living room lights to Ambient blue
    • Ok Google, play Stranger Things on Netflix.
    • Ok Google, raise the temperature three degrees.
    • Ok Google, what’s the temperature right now?
    • Ok Google, turn on all the switches.
    • Ok Google, lock the front door.
    • Ok Google, open the blinds.
    • Ok Google, show me the backdoor camera.
    • Ok Google, answer the door.
    • OK Google, what’s the weather like today?
    • OK Google, how long will it take to get home?
    • OK Google, did the Real Madrid C.F win yesterday?
    • OK Google, what’s the Japanese word for Book?
    • OK, Google, how do you make a Pancake?
    • OK Google, when is it going to rain?
    • OK Google, what’s the traffic like on the way to work?
    • OK Google, what’re today’s headlines?

Following commands for google can be said after saying “Hey Google”

  • Web browsing
    • Post to Instagram
    • Go to [TechNewsCentral]
    • Open [Signal app]
    • Show me [Wikipedia]
    • Browse to [Wikipedia]
  • Entertainment
    • Listen to/play [intro] by [the xyz]
    • Youtube [fail compilation]
    • Who acted in [Intersteller]
    • Who is the producer of [Ex Machina]
    • The runtime of [The Wolf of Wallstreet]
  • System-related tasks
    • Set reminders/Alarms
      • Remind me to [check my office email] at [4 PM]
      • Remind me [when I get/next time I am at] [home/work/another place] [to send an email to John]
      • Wake me up in [2 hours]
      • Set alarm for 6 AM
    • Search for [document name]
    • “Take a selfie” opens the camera app, but not set to the front camera.
    • Notes/Calendar events
      • Note to self [Support ticket number for ISP issue is ATK09876]
      • Create calendar event [Meeting Mike] [Sunday 10 AM]
    • Calls and Messages
      • Call Martin
      • Send email to Sam [Subject: meeting] [Message: I will be there by 6 PM]
      • Send SMS to Sam [tadaa]
    • Maps and Navigation
      • Show me nearby [hospital/shop/gas station/etc] on map
      • Navigate me to [place]
      • How far is [place1] from [place2]
      • Directions to [address/place]

Funny commands For Easter eggs :

  • Pop culture
    • OK Google, inconceivable.
    • OK Google, do you speak Klingon?
    • OK, Google, who shot first?
    • OK Google, is the cake a lie?
    • OK Google, up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A.
    • OK Google, beam me up Scotty.
    • OK Google, crystal ball.
    • OK Google, do a barrel roll.
    • OK Google, all your base belongs to us.
    • OK Google, mischief managed.
    • OK Google, tell me what you want, what you really, really want.
    • OK Google, who you gonna call?
    • OK Google, open the pod bay doors.
    • OK Google, party on, Wayne!
    • OK Google, aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?
    • OK Google, winter is coming.
    • OK Google, who is the real Slim Shady?
    • OK Google, I am your father.
    • OK Google, do you believe in Ghosts?
    • OK Google, wubba lubba dub dub.
    • OK Google, do you like Star Trek or Star Wars?
    • OK Google, who’s the fairest of them all?
    • OK Google, what’s cooler than being cool?
  • Best games
    • OK Google, I’m feeling lucky.
    • OK Google, tell me a riddle.
    • OK Google, what should I be for Halloween?
    • OK Google, let’s play Blackjack.
    • OK Google, never have I ever.
    • OK Google, truth or dare.
    • OK Google, let’s play Planet Quiz.
    • OK Google, guess my age.
    • OK Google, let’s play Classic Hangman.
    • OK Google, let’s have a game of Tic Tac Toe.
    • OK Google, let’s play 1-2-3 Maths.
    • OK Google, let’s test my Friends Trivia.
    • OK Google, rock, paper, scissors.
    • OK Google, pick a card.
    • OK Google, bark like a dog.
    • OK Google, Mad Libs.
  • Funny
    • OK Google, make me a sandwich.
    • OK Google, how old are you?
    • OK Google, make me laugh.
    • OK Google, do you ever get tired?
    • OK Google, what is your quest?
    • OK Google, did you fart?
    • OK Google, what’s brown and sounds like a bell?
    • OK Google, what did my cat say?
  • Singing
    • OK Google, beatbox.
    • OK Google, can you rap?
    • OK Google, sing a song.
    • OK Google, sing ‘Happy Birthday.’
  • Random
    • OK Google, entertain me.
    • OK Google, surprise me.
    • OK Google, read a poem.
    • OK Google, bark like a dog.
    • OK Google, do you speak Morse code?
    • OK Google, do a barrel roll.
    • OK Google, to be or not to be?
    • OK Google, use the Force.
    • OK Google, my precious.
    • OK Google, what’s your favourite ice cream?
    • OK Google, are you friends with Siri/Alexa/Cortana?
    • OK Google, how do you like your coffee?
    • OK Google, when will the world end?
    • OK Google, do you have an imagination?
    • OK Google, do you believe in life after love?
    • OK Google, do you have a favorite animal?
    • OK Google, what makes you happy?
    • OK Google, do you have any pets?

You can enjoy your conversations with google home by using above commands. If you know some funny one’s thats not covered in the list above, do let everyone know by commenting below.

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