How to enable USB debugging and developer options in Android

Android has tone of features you can play with. But if you are a power user and want to make more out of your Android device, USB debugging and Android developer options can help you with that.

Before we take you on how you can enable USB debugging and Android developer option, let me explain what this feature is.

Many Android’s features are hidden in Android developer options, as the name suggest you may already guess its mainly for developers. Developers who build and test app on Android using these tools. One of the well known developer featur is USB debugging for Android.

USB debugging helps an Android device to communicate with a computer to run advanced operations using Android SDK. USB debugging enables an Android user to take benefits of unlocking few features.

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How to Enable USB Debugging on Android

First we have to enable USB Debugging from Android Developer options.

In earlier versions of Android finding developer options was easy as it was directly visible in the settings of the device. Google has hidden the developer options menu from Android version 4.2 and above.

To find where this option is hidden and enable it follow the steps below:

  • First, open the Settings app on your device.
  • Then, scroll down to the About phone option  ( On some devices this option can be found under the System option )  and open it.
  • Now, in the About phone option finds an option named Build Number. You can directly search for the build number from the search option on your Android device in case you can’t find it.
  • Tap on the Build number seven times. Once you tap it you will see a message “Your now a developer !”.
  • This means your Android developer option has been turned on. Now you can go to settings and then under the System option, you will find a new Developer option enabled.
  • Now scroll down to debugging section and turn on the USB debugging option.
  • It will first ask you to confirm the process. Press OK to continue.
USB debugging mode

USB debugging is turned on in your device and now you can connect it to your computer and unlock some cool features.

Do let us know what features you unlocked by enabeling USB Debugging. Share this blog to your friends and let them unlock Android features.

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